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Politics and Sports make strange bedfellows!

Nov 07, 1996 11:16 AM
by joseph k price

For some strange reason I am convinced that the real concern in the US empire is
not the elections but the serpentine and arabesque movements of the sports
world.  I think that the politician, sports stars not to mention Las Vegas
biggies are all in bed together so to speak and the games and elections are all
played out before the first exit poll is cast - asked.

Nobody can focus on Clinton-Dole when there are mesmerized by football pots and
squares.  How did I ever miss all this?  It certainly has a spritiual demension
if you are looking to the left hand path.  The left hand and other appendiges
seem to enter a lot of orifices and I'm not just talking words from the umpire.
How about a TAROT of SPORTS?   now that is a new tarot we really need!

Keith Price

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