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Esoteric X-MAS made INTROteric

Nov 15, 1996 11:56 AM
by joseph k price

First I have to explain what an esoteric key is.

The esoteric "truth" of the Christmas story is the enlightenment of the
soul. There is a totally new thing, a true "virgin birth" of new
consciousness taking place, and the story tells about the expected
happening of this in YOUR life!

Esoteric key: Everything that happens in the story happens inside your
psyche, except the crowded guesthouse, which represents the outer world,
the entire outer Universe!

The story tells of a soul, which spiritual heart is Mary and which mind
is Joseph. The story begins with a spiritual insight, a mystical
experience, proclaimed by the higher self (the angel) that *there is no
way back*. The spiritual seed has been planted, and it will give birth
to the enlightenment when time comes. The soul has to take to the inner
road, commanded by a higher command.

Esoteric key: Every single "thing" and "incident" in the story
represents an inner faculty or an inner happening on the road to
enlightenment. We have mentioned Mary, Joseph and the guesthouse. The
wild animals are our lower instincts, the tame animals are our now tame
emotions, the shepherds represent the discriminations, etc.

Try to find out the meaning of the infinite heaven above, the stars,
especially the guiding star, the infinite heaven above, the silence and
darkness of the night, the three wise men and their gifts, the angles
proclamation etc., and you will be practicing esoteric insight on your

The esoteric practice includes the following:
You have to learn the story by heart and ponder its esoteric meaning.
When ready, you make your mind a theater for the whole story. You play
it over and again in your imagination, connecting every single symbol to
its counterpart IN YOU. When ready, after long practice, you sink it
down to your heart, where the show goes on every minute of the day, even
while you sleep. You wake up in the morning, knowing that it has been
going all the night, and it is the last thing that you do when falling

This is just one example of an esoteric use of an exoteric text. It
doesn't matter at all whether the Christmas story is true or not, it
just must have been written or adapted by an esoterist, (God?!) to
contain a perfect esoteric document.

I hope this brings some light to someone's intuition! (You have about a
month to rehearse the story and then set up the play in your mind and

Your ever so humble prentice,

Einar from Iceland

Keith:  I like your idea of meditating of the X-mas story of Jesus and making it
our own rather than seeing it from the outside as a historical event in an age
of miracles that is long past, we can bring the story into our INTERIOR mind and
hears and spirit.  We can become one with the image held up to us for centuries,
centuries that we have been in and out of incarnation  To incarnate the IMAGE of
Jesus into our very lives, is not blasphemy, but good judgement, good art.  And
really good ART, is a Miracle, believe me!
  RIght Arthouse, friends?

Keith Price

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