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Re: 1996

Nov 07, 1996 08:07 AM
by ramadoss

At 09:36 AM 11/7/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>      To the best of my knowledge, the taxes were raised on very high
>> income individuals and the tax hike did not affect rest of the taxpayers.
>     Taxes were effectively raised on most people who make over $30,000
>a year and certain taxes which effect everyone were implemented.  Also
>taxes were raised on most social security recipients.  The main point is
>that very significant committments were broken.
>> These very high income taxpayers are the ones who could afford to pay
>> extra taxes.
>     Actually taxing very higher incomes does not generally result in
>those individuals paying more in taxes -- it effectively translates into
>fewer and lower paying jobs.
>     The issue of taxation is a very important one theosophically and
>esoterically.  The coercive use of money is contrary to fundamental
>principle and a barter/sharing economy is what is emphasized by the

        This will be my response on the subject. I have seen first hand the
effect of increased taxes on very high income tax payers and their employees
as I have consulted with them and prepared their tax returns. I make my
living by preparing tax returns for very high income tax payers.


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