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to: Art House, Re: Elections & Compassion

Nov 06, 1996 07:23 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

        Dear Art,

There are several of us on this list who would like to help newcomers. So
ask away. Or if you want rather to ask in private, send it to me directly,
or to Alan Bain, or Jerry Schueler, but I haven't seen anything of his for a
week or so. If it has to do with theosophical history, ask Dan Caldwell. We
also have archives. If you write it on theos-l, someone is sure to answer.

I'm not in favor of male bashing either, nor are most members on this list
.. not male bashing and not female bashing.

I agree with your idea of starting to remedy the world's ills with small
deeds. If everyone does a small deed, it'd reverberate across the entire
planet. One of the deeds  could even be to make yourself peaceful. If
everyone in the world were at peace with themselves, there would be no more
wars, I think.

Best wishes


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