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Re: Krishnamurti's Truth is a Pathless Land

Nov 17, 1996 03:29 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Art House wrote:

> As a person who has been disappointed by organizations, I see
> Krishnamurti's point.  However, although Truth is eternal and we can all
> sit in our houses and meditate for it, there is strength in community.

	Here's an analogy I came up with, which might be helpful:

	You are living in, say, New York City. You decide that you climb to the
top of Mt. Everest. A person who has managed to walk across the United
States, build a raft, get across the Pacific, walk to Tibet, and climb
to the top of Mt. Everest without any special equipment states that you
don't need plane tickets to Tibet, special equipment, etc. to get to the
top of Mt. Everest. Maybe you don't.

	But it sure does help.

	Bart Lidofsky

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