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to Mika Perala, re: a serious question

Nov 06, 1996 05:42 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

        Dear Mika,

I know how you feel about Leadbeater, because all that hate mongering did
something to my memory of him too. But let me tell you that I think most of
the Adyar membership continues to think highly of CWL. Besides that, I know
of 3 of his pupils who insist that he was no such thing. There are records
from them in writing, and I've heard one of them say so, and I've seen some
of the records. They think of him as an initiate. These 3 were being trained
by CWL when they were 10 and 11 years old. They lived in the same house with
CWL. The mother of these children was clairvoyant. She could read auras. She
would never have entrusted her children , whom she loved, to a man who had
something sinister in his aura. I know there's testimony to the contrary.
But I heard it from the horse's mouth. I hope you can believe that, or at
least give it some weight.


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