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Re: Foeticide and HPB

Nov 03, 1996 05:37 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Eldon B. Tucker <>

> About 14 months ago we had a Fundamentalist Christian on theos-l
> telling everyone that abortion was murder and we'd all go to hell.
> The issue was discussed then, and I also made an analogy to assisted
> suicide.
I believe that any Fundamentalist Christian could have come on
this list or any similar one and claim that we were all goin' to hell -
for an endless list of reasons.  After all, we do not subscribe to
their belief system and those who do not, they are taught, are
surely going down below, while the rewards of following their
precepts is the heavenly abode.

I thought your post was very thoughtful and logical.  Certainly one
of the best I've seen on the subject on this list.

But for all the Theosophical discussion that touched the philosophical
and spiritual implications, there still remains the question in my
mind - why does a woman feel compelled to abort her child?
It has and is so easy to be "against" abortion without getting one's
mind and hands dirty thinking about the circumstances a
woman may be in, often with no responsibility from the father
or support from her immediate family.
Perhaps in a future world where the feminine half of the
population is as valued as the male and children are also
valued as incarnated souls, rather than someone else's problem,
then the need for these conversations about abortion
will vanish.

Millions of children on this planet are going hungry and
many women are agonizing whether they can support another
child.  Yet many politicians and so-called leaders are more
interested in amassing personal wealth and power than
caring for their own people.  Even in the USA, this is true.

The other question I'd like to bring up, as long as I'm here,
is that I've been amazed for some time that the American
Congress, which is overwhelmingly populated with the
male of the species, has so much to say about things like
abortion, school funding, health care, etc.  Even on this
list, there is a majority of males, making discussion of
these type of issues rather lop-sided, in my mind.  The
females and the children need to be heard in greater
numbers than they have been in the past.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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