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Re: Krishnamurti's Truth is a Pathless Land

Nov 19, 1996 06:30 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>Maybe it's the coming of winter or the remnants of my cold, but I keep
>getting this feeling that TRUTH may not be all that it's cracked up to be.

Perhaps you're mixing levels. There's abstract, absolute TRUTH, which
is immutable, changeless, and not directly related to the world. And
there's the truth as it attempts to come forth in our world of approximations,
a truth made imperfect because of the imperfect nature of existence.

> It seems to be either inaccessible or, once found, hopelessly boring.

I'd say that both kinds of truth are accessible, although the absolute
version cannot be directly realized in external life. When it is applied,
it becomes less-than-perfect and turns into the relative truth, the
second kind of truth.

As to being boring, things can be exciting, sexy, fascinating, and
alluring, or boring, banal, devoid of meaning, depending on our
state of mind. In itself, truth is netural; its meaning and value is
something that comes from us, from our relationship to it.

> I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that an entertaining lie is
>better than a boring truth any day of the week.

The theosophical philosophy is not "a boring truth". Nor is it
"an entertaining lie". If the way that you think about things and
the approach to life you have taken seems boring, and other
approachings are entertaining, perhaps your heart is telling
you that it's time to change directions, to take a different
approach. That doesn't pass judgement on Theosophy, it
simply says "it's time to move on."

We're each responsibe to follow our hearts, to go where the
deeper meaning and connectedness to life can be found.
A period of boredom can indicate a possible change,
though this is not always the case. Sometimes boredom
indicates a plateau, where one needs to try something new,
in order to move forward. That's different than simply
changing to something different.

>Does this qualify me to run for the TS board of directors?

No. It indicates a period where you might cut back and
focus more on inner reflection. That's the opposite of a
period where you'd play a key role in sharing the
treasures that you may find in a "theosophical goldmine."

I'd hope the directors would be individuals that are
excited about sharing the philosophy.

-- Eldon

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