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Re: A now for something completely serious - Theosophy of Art

Nov 19, 1996 06:29 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I fear a Theosophy of Art would be the same as a Theosophy of anything else.
> Pompous, arrogant, boring, out of date before it was created and totally
>ignored by everyone else.
>(it must be the weather)

I don't think that Theosophy can give to you something that you don't already
have. Theosophy is paradoxically a lens to see the world better with, and a
mirror to see deep into one's own eyes. Often our descriptions of it have
more to say about ourselves than about the philosophy.

There are attempts to relate Theosophy to art. In the Los Angeles area there's
the theosophical art coop (TACO]. And isn't there something associated
with the Theosophical Order of Service?

-- Eldon

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