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Re: Basic Questions

Nov 04, 1996 05:26 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> 	It depends. When I hear "Masters", I think in terms of "Master
> Craftsman" or "Master of Arts", in other words, someone who has mastered
> a skill or a subject, as opposed to someone who is to be worshipped or
> obeyed. There is a movement in the Society to stop using the term
> "Masters" and substitute "Adepts".

I was never aware that TS used the word "Master" all that much.   It
seemed to me that that was the favored term by Bailey, while TS preferred
> > If you folks have already discussed these "letters" and concluded that
> > they were all more or less authentic, I'd really like to see the list
> > records for that period.
> 	List records? I don't understand (sorry).

I have no idea if all the members of this listed have concluded they are
are authentic.  My opinions of them are derived from a lecture given by
Ed Abdill at Olcott's Annual Meeting weekend.  In the end, it's not the
paper and ink they are written on, but if the words make sense and
have any value and meaning to me or anyone else.

Does this mailing list have an archive that can be accessed?

> > Has anybody read a book called "Madame Blavatsky's Baboon"
> > (By Peter Washington. =A91993,1995 Schocken Books Inc., New York). It's
> > well-researched and seems unafraid to look at the history of the
> > Society, warts and all.
> 	Unafraid, maybe. Well researched, bullshit. Peter Washington did not
> write, nor did he intend to write, a scholarly work. . . . The
> purpose of the book was to poke fun at people who were not around to
> fight back, plain and simple.

Many books are simply written to make money.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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