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re: serious questions

Nov 07, 1996 07:59 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

To Mika Perala and Doss

Right, the word "initiate" is often bandied about & needs defining. Let's
say that Leadbeater was a very highly spiritually evolved person.
Technically, "Initiate", to me, means someone who's been given at least 1
initiation. Rumor, down my way, has it that CWL had had several, but I'm
really not sure of that, since that's kept secret.

Doss, glad to hear that Krishna-j defended CWL.  That's another ex-pupil who
said it.

Mika, you ask about the business with Krishna-j giving up being the new
religious leader & etc. I think highly of Annie Besant too, her life as well
as her writings. I haven't read too much about what happened there with
Krishnamurti, because this kind of politicking just doesn't interest me, but
it seems to me that Annie Besant made a mistake, and if CWL was involved, so
did he. I think announcing that someone will be the new Messiah just wasn't
called for, especially, if one isn't sure that it was true. Well we don't
know to this day whether it is or not. He's got his followers, just like
anybody else.


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