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re: serious questions

Nov 08, 1996 04:45 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, liesel f. deutsch wrote:

> To Mika Perala and Doss
> Right, the word "initiate" is often bandied about & needs defining. Let's
> say that Leadbeater was a very highly spiritually evolved person.
> Technically, "Initiate", to me, means someone who's been given at least 1
> initiation. Rumor, down my way, has it that CWL had had several, but I'm
> really not sure of that, since that's kept secret.
> Doss, glad to hear that Krishna-j defended CWL.  That's another ex-pupil who
> said it.
> Mika, you ask about the business with Krishna-j giving up being the new
> religious leader & etc. I think highly of Annie Besant too, her life as well
> as her writings. I haven't read too much about what happened there with
> Krishnamurti, because this kind of politicking just doesn't interest me, but
> it seems to me that Annie Besant made a mistake, and if CWL was involved, so
> did he. I think announcing that someone will be the new Messiah just wasn't
> called for, especially, if one isn't sure that it was true. Well we don't
> know to this day whether it is or not. He's got his followers, just like
> anybody else.

	Recently I had the good fortune to read the famous "Truth is a
pathless land" statement of Krishnamurti. The keynote of the statement is
the fact that we all should follow Truth - not some individual or some
organization - so that each one of us can understand/reach Truth. After
all the motto of TS is "There is No Religion Higher Than Truth".

When time permits, I will post the full statement of K.


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