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Re: A First in Internet Publication

Nov 15, 1996 04:15 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

MK Ramadoss wrote:
> I hope this is the trend of the future -- at least those who is more
> interested in getting the message out rather than having the $ as the
> first priority.
> I hope to see TSA and others take a similar approach.

	Maybe, but remember that currently, only about 5% of the United States
has regular Internet access. I expect that with new technologies, higher
availability, etc. etc., that the number will triple within a year or
two. That's STILL not a lot. Until the number hits about 50% (and I
believe it will, eventually), the Internet will still be a trend of the
future, and the cost/benefit needs to be examined. Certainly, if
volunteers can be gotten to do the transcription (which should be
doable), the delta cost of putting it on the Internet is small. Better,
of course, is the plan to, for example, put THE SECRET DOCTRINE and THE
MAHATMA LETTERS on CD-ROM, with full Boolean searching capabilities.

	Bart Lidofsky

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