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Re: Utility of Theosophy

Nov 09, 1996 08:00 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996 wrote:
> I've never advocated that the Theosophical Society get involved in politics.
> That would be absurd - the Society must be open and in service to all -
> politics, among other things, would only cause disharmony; somehow that
> would imply that if one didn't agree with TS's political choices, they were
> not 'theosophists.'

		I posted my comment for the benefit of anyone who may not
be aware of the historical matters relating to Theosophy and Theosophists.

>   Yes! a good dose of Theosophy would go a long way in "really" working for
> the common good.  But what is a good dose of Theosophy?  How would a
> representative or governor with a Theosophical background differ from the
> others?  What makes a T/theosophist any different from anybody else?

	I meant a good understanding of the fundamental objective of Theosophy.
One of the most unique quality I have seen in anyone exposed to Theosophy
and are affected by it is they are more honest and humanitarian and less
selfish. I think these factors to a lesser or greater amount will
definitely help a politician to work on issues that unify all segements
of the population and work on issues that help those who are to be
protected and helped, rather than those issues which will votes. This
does not mean that everybody politician out there does not have any of
these qualities. But the chances are a Theosophical politician is likely
to have more of it!

> >	IMHO it will be appropriate and do a lot of good if the politics
> >discussions are done in one of the usenet groups on this subject.

There is a usenet group on Theosophy. Have you had a chance to look at
it. There is not much of a traffic there now. It is time to stir up!

> Go to a usenet?  Is there a usenet out there which discusses how theosophy,
> current events, moral dilemma's, and helping humanity are interrelated?
> What's the name/address of it?  HPB wrote about abortion, charity, suicide;
> Besant wrote about women's rights. They didn't seem to think "humanity's
> issues" and theosophy are not connected.  A regular "general subject" usenet
> isn't going to address the fundamental principles of theosophy.
	Both Blavatsky and Besant did think humanity issues all the time.
When the application of Theosophy came up, they did it in their
individual capacities. For example it was during Blavatsky's time that
Olcott started the first school for untouchables - the poor people in the
slums. Blavatsky also worked hard in speaking against child marriages in
India. Beasant was very instrumental in starting a chain of schools and
colleges some of which to encourge parents to educated their daughters,
because most of them used to be married off when they were still in
school and then dropped out. This is only for information.


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