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Re: Utility of Theosophy

Nov 09, 1996 04:14 PM
by kymsmith

MKRamadoss wrote:
>	It has been the policy of the Theosophical Society as an
>organization keeping out of politics from day one. This policy has served
>the organization for over a century and will continue to do so.

I've never advocated that the Theosophical Society get involved in politics.
That would be absurd - the Society must be open and in service to all -
politics, among other things, would only cause disharmony; somehow that
would imply that if one didn't agree with TS's political choices, they were
not 'theosophists.'

>	So all of us who have any interest and inclination to participate
>in Politics is most welcome to do so.


>I wish to see Senators and
>Representatives and Governors with Theosophical background. In these days
>when *wedge* issues are used to win elections and make make themselves
>popular, a good dose of Theosophy will go a long way in *really* working
>for the common good.

  Yes! a good dose of Theosophy would go a long way in "really" working for
the common good.  But what is a good dose of Theosophy?  How would a
representative or governor with a Theosophical background differ from the
others?  What makes a T/theosophist any different from anybody else?

>	IMHO it will be appropriate and do a lot of good if the politics
>discussions are done in one of the usenet groups on this subject.

Go to a usenet?  Is there a usenet out there which discusses how theosophy,
current events, moral dilemma's, and helping humanity are interrelated?
What's the name/address of it?  HPB wrote about abortion, charity, suicide;
Besant wrote about women's rights. They didn't seem to think "humanity's
issues" and theosophy are not connected.  A regular "general subject" usenet
isn't going to address the fundamental principles of theosophy.


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