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Re: Krish and Copulation

Nov 21, 1996 10:10 PM
by John Straughn writes:
>Nothing in life is without risk.  And what's a few problems compared to
>having fun?
>Chuck the Heretic

I suppose it depends on how you look at the situation, i.e. from your point of
view or from the POV of the others involved.  If you look at it solely from
your POV in the sense that you had a good time for a while and everything is
swell, then I suppose you could pass off the consequences quite easily.
However, if you place yourself in the shoes of the others, i.e. those hurt by
the affair (not necessarily meaning "cheating"), and realize the pain that you
have caused them because of your (and your partner's) actions, the problems
aren't so easily disregarded.  If one believes that they must live by the
moment and take earthly pleasures where they can get them, your advice is good
and dandy.  However, if, like myself, you believe that everything you do, (and
this includes things that make others happy as well as those that cause pain),
will come around to you later in life (or, perhaps, later in lives as some
believe), then your advice would only hurt those that wished to take it.
The Triaist

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