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THEOS-L digest 723

Nov 10, 1996 04:00 PM
by joseph k price

>>> the most devastating attack upon the supernatural origin
>>>of both the letters and their authors is Who Wrote the Mahatma
>>>Letters?, by H.E. & W.L. Hare (1936) - a critique which has
>>>yet to be rationally rebutted.

>>In my opinion, this book by the Hare brothers was rationally
>>rebutted in a series of 12 articles or so by Dr. H.N. Stokes.

>I cannot help but note from your bibliography that a very large
>number of your citations are from very obviously "theosophical
>establishment"  sources.  I also note from your web site notice
>that you are looking explicitly for PRO-HPB material

Keith:  Has anyone done an "occult" analysis of the Mahatma Letters.  I mean
compared then to the writings of Plato, Plotinus (through Porphry), Ammonus
Seca, Gautama (transmitted through disciples, of course), Jesus (quoted of
course), and other sages, revered teachers and MASTERS.  How do the crack up?
Has anyone done a tranlittereration or numerological analysis.  Come on, let's
have it.  I can't believe all you inititiates AEka gnostics haven't put the
oldcrystal ball to work on the BIG - SPIRIT"S missives and epistles not to
mention belle lettres.

Keith Price

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