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THEOS-L digest 723

Nov 10, 1996 04:00 PM
by joseph k price

Once I visited a Krisna-movement meeting here in Helsinki and after
listening to all that loud singing, chanting, monotonic music and
smelling the incense I felt afterwards that this is something like being
"brain-washed". It was somehow difficult to have my own thoughts after
that. And my friend who was with me felt the same.


Keith:  I visited our very impressive and new Krishna Consciousness temple,
about 2 mile from my house.  First they used an abandoned protestant church and
then built and modern fellowship hall complete with curried covered dish
suppers.  You know how a Protestant gets into heaven?  Answer:  I don't know,
but he has to bring a covered dish :)  Well, from the looks of it, there is alot
of hanky panky and third eye opening going on around there in the name of
Krishna, but to the benefit of some, couldn't you have guessed it, fat raisin
and milk Hindic cake, no fruit!  He definitely goes for the women first!

Keith Price

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