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Gender Language

Nov 10, 1996 05:43 AM
by Art House

Excuse me if I seem to be dragging up the past, but I just recently read
some of the past Theos-L.  Regarding gender-neutral language, whether it
is an important point, and how critical it is in helping TS get with the
times, I say that it is an important factor in attracting the younger
generation to the group, egotism or not.  I grew up when the noise of
the Women's movement have died down, and (because of their work) it
became normal to see phrases s/he and his/her.  Growing up sensitive to
gender neutral phrases, my first impression of the words *The White
Brotherhood* was of the Ku Klux Klan.  Eldon's quote of *brotherhood*
meaning *...a sangha or mutual support of a positive, masculine...*
makes me pause.  Besides the Ku Klux Klan, there are many groups using
the brotherhood meaning for malice, the Neo-Nazis, the Skinheads, etc.
Because of all those references (including the *positive, masculine*
brotherhood of the corporate world), I have a difficult time accepting
the meaning of brotherhood to include women.  Nowadays, there are more
women in the work force than not and women do not have to give out a
masculine image to compete in the men's world.  Women can wear makeup,
shave their legs, and run a corporation.  IMO, women also no longer need
to have masculine terms apply to them just because that was the
tradition.  I think that others of my generation and younger will also
feel the same way.


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