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Don't go ANN!

Nov 07, 1996 11:11 AM
by joseph k price

Hi folks!

I'm going to be taking leave of the list
for a while.  I have things to do, especially
with the holidays coming up and there is
an urgency to finish the web page I'm
doing by the end of this month.

If you care to take a look at it:

-Ann E. Bermingham

Was it something I said?  Was it something I wore?  Ann stay tuned, phlease.  My
breath seems to have powerful long distance effects.  I was give a scholarship
to Krotona despite my little faux pas post.  BUt words against Senor Capricorn
were not taken with a grain of salt.  It seem that councils were held in the
night and I am deemed unsuited for Krotona.  I don't know how to take it all.
ANy ideas?

Keith Price

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