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Atlante0_Egyptians resursuface in Houston Exhibit

Nov 07, 1996 11:07 AM
by joseph k price

Hi all!  I have been on a breif sabatical (but less than seven anything), but
I'm back!  I haven't kept up with all since I got off line and couldn't get back
on by hook or crook!

But seriously folks, the Egyptian exhibit in Houston is the most complete and
uncensored you can hope for this side of Cairo.  The TUT and Ankhnateen stuff is
all there in a magical setting (complete with spooky music that take you on a
journey to the underworld of the Gods that if they weren't from Atlantis I'll
eat my crook and flail.

The Egyptian alphabet is most revealing.  Those little monkeys not to mention
the birds, snakes et al seemed to enjoy  climbing in all sort of magical
contortions to give us those nasty heiroglyphics!  Brother and sisters!

I was overwhelmed.  You can even see where they broke off the phalllic
connections between the divine menageries cum dieties.

I felt right at home like I had seen it all before, but believe me THAT wasn't a

Well, I keep experience strange network crashes so I better send this before
something happens again.  I hope to get back in the swchwing of things.

Keith Price

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