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A Serious Obsession?

Nov 01, 1996 03:22 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "Patrick Alessandra Jr."
<> writes
> The Secret Doctrine itself is, however a completely "pure" work,
>so to speak, in that all that is contained therein was kept free from
>the personal influences.  It can take many years (perhaps decades), even
>for an Initiate, to transmute the circumstances and personality
>difficulties in which they incarnated in order to create and bring forth
>such a pure expression.

What?  Even the long diatribes against professor this or theological
that?  These are clearly Blavatsky speaking, and not HPB - a distinction
she acknowledged herself more than once.

I regret (genuinely) that I see in your post the same kind of worship of
a book as many fundamentalist Christians do with the Bible.

In saying it can take many years, decades, or whatever, I have to ask
how on earth can you be sure this is true.  Can you define what you
understand (not what the book says) by "An Initiate." ??

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