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Re: The Purpose of Sex

Nov 25, 1996 01:02 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky


Thank you for your intelligent post. I feel your judgments are based on
extensive knowledge and experience, so they are not so easily dismissed
by someone who is armed with merely insults and verbal objections like
"silly," "most outrageous," and "obviously."

"Obviously" reasonable discussion is to be based on shared knowledge
rather that ignorance, especially militant and aggressive ignorance.


On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Patrick Alessandra Jr. wrote:

> > This is the most outrageous and silly thing that I have
> > ever heard.  It is pure disinformation.  There is almost
> > no such thing as "according to ALL of the Mahatma's" on
> > any subject.
>      Yes, there is,specifically on this topic.  The purpose of sex is to
> bring children into the world.
> > In any case, modern psychology has clearly
> > demonstrated that sex is absolutely essential for intimacy,
> > and intimacy is absolutely essential for a healthy psyche.
>      As one who is trained in modern psychology there is no such
> demonstration.  For physical intimacy to be valid it must be concordant
> with the agreement to have children.
> > So, if your statement is true, then the Mahatma's are
> > plain wrong.
>      The Mahatma's are right, your assessment as to the position of
> modern psychology is innaccurate.
> > I agree that some Mahatmas make this claim,
> > but hardly all,
>      Yes, all do (is there a statement of counter example?)
> > and those who do obviously know nothing
> > of the human need for intimacy--
>      The Mahatma's are perfected human beings and understand all of our
> true needs perfectly.  Modern psychology is beginning to understand the
> relation of sex to the human psyche.
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