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Walk On!

Nov 14, 1996 06:04 AM
by joseph k price

Christmas Humphrey's in his marvelous book WALK ON published by Quest sums up
Zen Philosphy as WALK ON.  You meditate and walk on, you chop wood and walk on,
you carry water and walk on, you see the buddha and walk on, you kill the buddha
and walk on, you get to be a buddha for 15 seconds and then get thrown back  in
the dung pile and then walk on, you bathe and walk on, you go to jail and walk
on, you get married and walk on, you die and walk on, and you get reborn and
walk on.

It heps if you can say things like:  the fresh autumn breeze trembles the
falling golden leaves outside my  window this morning (which is true by the

Namaste and walking on
Keith Price

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