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Current QUEST

Nov 14, 1996 06:10 AM
by joseph k price

The current issue of Quest (I got it yesterday) is interesting as usual.
Michael Grosso makes me feel like I'm not really going crazy that he has
experineced a lot of the same strangeness that seems to be part of being on the
path in the sense that he admints he was interested in "mediumship, near-death
experiences, and UfO's, al of which involved apparent communication wiht some
kind of a pafrallel world"

He talks about taking the brush by the horns, so to to speak, and trying to be
create something unique if not technically artistic.  By connecting with the
warmth of the heart that moves to the hand one can create "semi-automatically"
he calls it in the sense that one does not give over coscious control to some
invading alien entitiy, but cooperates and coocreates with one's own HIGHER

You go, Grosso!

Keith Price

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