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Getting off the girls backs - Studs need liposuction too

Nov 14, 1996 06:30 AM
by joseph k price

Yesterday, I picked on Dolly and Roseanne for there forays into the cabala and
liposuction.  It seems men, are heading to the  plastic surgeons in a far faster
rate if you consider the change in percentages over time.  It probably is a bell
curve, say from the dawn of time there have been men who have attempted to
surgically alter their appearance, but we are reaching a "high" point in the
number of baby booming men who want to hang on to that youthful appearance, that
paycheck, that chance for "admiration" and a really good table at Spago's.

Can you blame them?  In a world of maya, appearance IS everything!  The outside
is far easier to change ( and not even that is easy) that the inside.  I wonder
if tit or penis enlargement correlates with spiritual fullfillment and for whom?

In the east the sages and boddhisattvas are potrayed as rather smiling fatties,
like semi-nude Santas.  The buddha is pictures with Marilyn Monroesque half
closed eyes and with curves that would make Madonna blush.  I was told by a
"Jungian" that this does not appeal to Western tastes as the Greek and Roman
Gods obviously pumped a lot of iron (or broze) on Mt. Olympus (an that's not all
they pumped, I bet!).

It is a matter of taste, I suppose. Curioulsy, the Egyptian (can you say
Atlantean) pharohs and hieroglyphs suggest a more edgey kind of "natural"
slimmed down, but not overly muscular beauty.
They seemed to repose in their bodies like animals that are neither to fat or
too muscular, but NATURAL.  This naturalism is a key to their spirituality, I am
guessing.  They seem a little stiff a times, like they are striking poses and
making grand gestures to each other in a kind of mechanical and overly formal
John ANthony West in his fabulous book "Serpent in the Sky"  hints at some
things that are now probably obvious to a lot of people.

When I went to the Egytian retor spective here in Houston, it was clear that
there had been a lot of disfigurement over the years by who? - Christian
missionaries are blamed, could it have bee the archeologists themselves, or
graverobbers?  Who knows?  I am no Indiana Jones, but from what I saw there was
a lot of phallic castration going on.  It seems that the phallus and  "seed"
captured in the basket from the gods and the animal figures had great symbolic
importance as "divine blessings" of some kind.  Sneezing, expectoration,
lactation and other secretions seem to play a role in religious life.  Sacrifice
was not unknown either, can you say "blood"?

I also noticed that there was a kind of symbolic connection with crooks, flails
and some kind of training staffs, pole or something.  They seem to connect the
various dieties in a kind of ecstatic "dance".

These are my groping ideas, I am sure there is a lot of research being done on
these issues.  There seemed to be a kind of alphabet of connection, much the way
we put sentence together, but for them there "words" had the sematics and syntax
of real linguistic magick.

Keith Price

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