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K. and sex

Nov 21, 1996 03:07 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

There is certainly nothing wrong IMO with Krishnamurti having a
sex life.  OTOH there is something quite wrong with bringing a
child up to believe that sex is bad or wrong or "beneath" him,
which appears to be what was done to K. quite intensely.  Sloss
guesses that he was a virgin at 37 when the affair with
Rosalind began.  It's hard to expect mature behavior from
someone whose early life was so bizarre.

But there is definitely something wrong with cuckolding someone
who is practicing celibacy because he thinks you, as his guru,
expect it of him!  And this is what Sloss portrays.  As well as
the betrayal of trust involved in concealing this for so many
years.  And perhaps worst of all, demanding very coldly that
his paramour have a series of abortions--  obviously he was
not using the only kind of birth control that was available
back then.

As for the forwarding of my post about Sloss's book, it was not
inappropriate to do so.  But the gist of a couple of reactions
from K. disciples was "Anyone who likes such a book is
spiritually blind" which does not conduce to either
truthseeking or siblinghood.

I will certainly read the Lutyens book with interest.

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