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Re: Brotherhood again

Nov 28, 1996 04:56 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>,
>2) the ~only~ instance where I still don't favor tampering with ~brotherhood~
>is in THE THREE OBJECTS, and the reason I gave for this is that I fear it
>would compromise the general illusion that it is an inviolable
>document--i.e., that even a change for a worthy purpose like
>gender-neutrality would give the signal to the powers within the the TS that
>THE THREE OBJECTS should thus also be able to be easily changed to include
>statements about service to the "Masters," HPB doctrine etc.

Dear Richard,

You *could* subscribe to the TI statement of intent without thereby
abandoning your integrity to the spirit of the three objects as
currently formulated.  The Societies are not likely to change them
anyway- even though they do *not* constitute an inviolable document.  So
far as TS (Adyar) is concerned the objects as written need to remain as
stated if for no other reason than that they are part of the Articles of
Incorporation ("TS Rules Adyar" on web page - in HISTORY directory I
think) and form part of the legal structure of that body.

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