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Re: Scorpio, part II

Nov 26, 1996 02:42 AM
by Jim Meier

Kym asks, in response to an earlier post,
>>The strength of Sagittarius comes from having passed the tests of Scorpio,
>>and from the vision that always follows testing.
>What does one become/get when one DOESN'T pass the tests of Scorpio?
 One gets another chance at it.  As many as are needed, actually.

H.A. Overstreet wrote in THE MATURE MIND,

        Man matures to the extent that he gains knowledge
        enough to handle with competent understanding the
        situation in which he finds himself; and to the
        extent, also, tht he has the habits and means of
        gaining further knowledge as his situation changes.

He was writing about the psychological maturity of the individual, not
astrology.  But I think the excerpt above describes both the "stops" we make
along the passage around the "wheel of existence" and the whole point of the

When we "pass the test" of a particular sign, we *mature* in the definition
that Overstreet gives.  On the flip side, when we do not "handle with
competent understanding the situation in which we find ourselves," we do not
gain from the experience; we do not have the extended vision that comes with
essential understanding and so we cannot see the next step ahead, anyway.
So the process repeats.  It has to, if we think about it, because without
the change in consciousness ("the extended vision") that comes with the
maturity of a "handled situation" (sign), there is no chance for seeing past
where we find ourselves at any particular point along the way.  Arrested
development, to drop back from astrology to psychological terms.


  "Raid kills bugs dead"
       -- Lee Welch, American haiku poet

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