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Re: Copyright 1900 letter...

Nov 25, 1996 06:10 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>> *Invalid* procedure in law if the original author has been
>>dead for 50 years or more (USA) or 70 years or more (Europe).
>>When did KH die? (if indeed he is the author of the 1900
>>letter).  It seems to me that your "permission" is a little

>Nyet on point of law, email posts can always be copyrighted by
>the poster.

You may copyright email that is your own intellectual property,
but unless you are "K.H." or his literary heir, you may not
copyright his letter.

>If someone wants to use the letter for any reason other than
>non-profit goodwill then they can find it from some other
>source.  The assumption of the presumption is presumptious.

I respect your intent, but you may not claim ownership to
something that does not belong to you.  Sorry.

>K.H. is still alive (physically present on our globe) I believe
>(perhaps using a different mayavirupa).

In that case, it is up to "K.H." to claim the copyright.

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