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Re: A Serious Question & Etc.

Nov 06, 1996 11:29 PM
by CDGertrude

> ----------
> > From: Art House <>
> > > From: Michael <>
> > Ann,
> > Who knows what common sense is?  Is there even such a thing? . . .
> My comment was a joke about the participants on this list.
> Perhaps the humor eluded you.
> > Listen to
> > your questioners with heart and mind, and respond in like.
> I listen and respond as it best suits me.  If
> it is not to your liking, then that is something you are going
> to have chalk up as another quirky part of the cyber-universe
> that you cannot control or condescend to.
> -Ann E. Bermingham

Litsen or don'r listen...
at this point I really don't care
All of this vitopourous sniping has got to end
         am faced with life threatening problems
I came on here to seek spiritual uplifting...
and have indeed been faced with backciting and bickering
So much for Theosophy!

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