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Re: Foeticide and HPB

Oct 31, 1996 05:39 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From:
> Someone help me please!
> Attached below is the only discussion I can find on abortion from a
> Theosophical viewpoint - is there something else written that addresses
> particular issue?  Did Blavatsky ever write on this again?
> Can one be pro-choice and a 'true' Theosophist?
I think question here is whether HPB is saying the very last word on the
subject - like the pope - or she is giving you her viewpoint to consider
as a Theosophist, from her own time and place.

My interpretation of being a Theosophist is "one who thinks
for oneself" and that a Theosophist would study and meditate on
the issue, consider not only what HPB would say, but others' opinions
and come to one's own conclusion.

Frankly, the words "true Theosophist" makes me wonder if there
is some kind of litmus test for that "true blue big T" and how
many would pass it - or want to pass it, since we are all such

-Ann E. Bermingham

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