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Re: Apologies all round

Nov 07, 1996 12:56 PM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

Hello Paul,

> The intention was to say that there is a potential for
> reconciliation and spiritual maturation in a divided
> government, if people perceive it.

     Yea verily, reconciliation with honesty and integrity would be a
wonderful step of spiritual maturation!

> Patrick, if I promise never to say anything pro-Clinton on the
> list ever again, or anti-Gingrich, will you please reciprocate?

     Sure.  Also as previously mentioned the issues regarding what role
gov't and all of our institutions should play in our civilization is I
believe centrally relevant to the work of theosophy today.  A discussion
along these lines perhaps has been a long time in the waiting.  Has
anyone put together some quotes and references from various theosophical
writings on this topic?

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