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Apologies all round

Nov 07, 1996 12:26 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Richard, I'm trying to be your kind of Theosophist, have been
apologizing to folks in private posts for various faux pas,
but my bringing up the Gingrich/Clinton polarity was so far from
a skillful way to make my point that I apologize to all.

The intention was to say that there is a potential for
reconciliation and spiritual maturation in a divided
government, if people perceive it.  That's all; ignore the

Something about having Mars in Libra in the 3rd house, my
astrologer says, makes people try to bring about harmony and balance
but their efforts often end up just stirring things up worse
than they were before.  My having that placement's got something to do
with the fate of my books too, I suppose.

Patrick, if I promise never to say anything pro-Clinton on the
list ever again, or anti-Gingrich, will you please reciprocate?

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