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Chaotic Dreams Restructure the Real

Nov 11, 1996 00:20 AM
by joseph k price

Murray Hope writing our of England for Aquarian Press in PRACTICAL CELTIC MAGIC
correlates dreams with chaos and by further analogy I would suggest the
following possible correspondes;

Chaos - Dreams - Deep Archetypal UnConscious Mind - Plutonian Underworld - Hades
- Qlippoth - Pingala - Left Hand Path - Music - Dionysian - Ecstatic -
Destructive Restructuring - Rebirthing

I think this may have application to TTT's thoughts about Burroughs et al qua
revolutionary artisticAIDS virus.

The good news is that if Chaos is the realm of dreams it really does have a
positive influence in the very long run, yet the sadness remains that a little
chaos from Pandora's box goes a long way to overturn a lot of REAL - Conscious,-
Solar - Heavenly - Sephirothic - Ida - Right hand path - Mathmatics  -
Apollonian - Serene - Constructive - Sustaining - Homoestatic energies.  Quelle
suprise, quelle big deal!
There is always Hope, right Murray, Jerry S. and that loquacious limey Alan B.

Keith Price

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