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Re: Opportunity of 1996

Nov 06, 1996 09:45 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

> We may end up arguing that God
> and Mahatmas are with Democrats or Republicans, as the case may be.

     Good one! :-)

     The Mahatmas focus on the promotion of the principles of freedom
and honesty as central to the theosophical way.  The type of gov't we
choose is very much relevant as to our freedom to do our work.  I mean
no partisanship, the idea here is seek an honest understanding of what
is going on.

> Why not concentrate on what is being done and can be really done to further
> the theosophical objectives?

     Indeed, one of our main tasks is to bring clarity to the issues
today, the reasons and solutions to the many problems are as mentioned
in the article linked in the previous post.
( )

> Some of those on the list (including you)
> are doing WONDERFUL job by disseminating theosophical information on
> the Web and elsewhere;

     Thank you kindly

> this is real, this is going to last, rather than
> futile attempts to convert other list participants.

     Woa!, conversion is not a focus in what I seek, just clarity and

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