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Re: The Purpose of Sex

Nov 27, 1996 07:23 AM
by JRC

On Wed, 27 Nov 1996 wrote:
> Yet for the life of me I cannot imagine those who express such concern for
> the "sufferings of orphan humanity" would ascribe to a doctrine that has done
> so much to multiply those sufferings.  Either there has been an error of
> interpretation or words have been put in their mouths by some with a peculiar
> and bizarre agenda.

Chuck ... prob'ly both - there is absolutely no place I could find in the
SD, the ML, or even Bailey writings (let alone the writings of western
occultism - which on the whole is rather more lusty than eastern) where it
is stated that the sole "purpose" of sex is procreation ... in fact in
PA's last post he says merely that they always talk about sex in
connection with procreation - and IMO that is a *far* cry from saying that
*all* the Masters are in complete accord on the fact ... or in fact from
saying that even *one* Master believes it. And while the posts *have* made
my lover (who may well herself be a Master of some sort) make a wider
variety of laughing noises than I would ever have imagined existed, my
tendency would be to not say another word on the subject - as the fellow
seems intent on digging himself in deeper and deeper with every response -
but I am just a tad concerned that visitors to the list may come away
believing that Theosophy is nothing but a ridiculous atavistic sect  of
hyper-conservatives ... in fact most of the writings of the "Mahatmas"
seem (IMO) to contain a very sound and pragmatic (if clearly unorthodox)
understanding of human psychology - and so far as I've been able to find
in my modest library, *none* of them have ever stated that the sole
purpose of sex was to have children.
	What I would like to add is that (for those that run TS meetings)
when I was part of the Ravalli County Branch, we decided once to run a set
of meetings simply titled "The role of sexuality in spirituality" - and
the turnout was not only enormous, but the meetings were also quite
interesting (our Branch did not try to tell people what to believe -
merely attempted to present a few standard TS ideas by way of
introduction, and then facilitate discussion) ... what we found was that
the issue of where to place spirituality in the context of a spiritual
life, how to integrate sexual desire into a holistic personality, are
*huge* issues that a lot of people have been silently wrestling with - and
really appreciated a place in which to be able to explore different
perspectives with other intelligent and inquisitive people. I came away
from the meetings believing that while one may come to conclusions for
oneself, there *is* no single answer to the question, no single approach
that is "correct" for every person - sex *cannot* be discussed in a
vaccuum, seperate frrom the entirety of one's life, the nature of one's
vitality, total personality structure, culture, and specific spiritual
purposes for which one incarnated.
						Regards, -JRC

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