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Re: The Purpose of Sex

Nov 26, 1996 04:26 PM
by Drpsionic

The Heretic being serious now:
The question is much more far reaching than sex, which we are going to enjoy
without procreation no matter what anyone says, but the nature of the
Mahatmas themselves.  If, in fact, they ascribe to such an obnoxious, silly,
stupid, ignorant, foolish, moronic, idiotic and evil doctrine, one that has
caused so much harm to so many people through the years, how is it possible
to pay attention to anything else they have to say?  How can anyone be guided
by the opinions of those who betray such a total ignorance of human
psychology and needs, who betray a total lack of sympathy for or
understanding  of human behavior?
I have seen the results of that doctrine in the life of someone very close to
me and if that is what the Mahatmas teach, then I say to hell with them!  Let
them join the Pope in playing pass the choirboy because that's all they are
good for.
Yet for the life of me I cannot imagine those who express such concern for
the "sufferings of orphan humanity" would ascribe to a doctrine that has done
so much to multiply those sufferings.  Either there has been an error of
interpretation or words have been put in their mouths by some with a peculiar
and bizarre agenda.

Chuck the Heretic

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