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Re: The Purpose of Sex

Nov 26, 1996 08:48 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

>         You may choose to believe that the purpose of sex is procreation,
> and that only within that context is sex "valid"
> but not only don't the writings of either "the Mahatmas" or
> modern psychology unanimously support such a thesis, many of the writings
> of both would argue vigorously against it.

     The Mahatma's writings (K.H., D.K., M., etc.) do not say that sex
has any purpose other than procreation (and throughout the primary focus
is on sex as an act of physical creation which is its purpose) -- also
it is recognized that the current level of human evolution does
necessitate for most (with karmically determined exceptions) cyclical
sex for a healthy balanced life with the acceptance of the natural
consequences (pregnancy) thereof.  Modern scientific psychology
understands very little of the sex issue but the research will
eventually lead toward this understanding.


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