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Re: Dis--Information-Lying/Dying

Nov 12, 1996 02:58 AM
by Art House

Howdy Folks,

Keith Wrote:
> Frankly I never could follow Burroughs, but now I seem to have adopted
>much of his style.  His hipster beat thinking seems to infect our discourse
>at the end of this era.
> The good news is that if Chaos is the realm of dreams...

Keith, Burroughs would be jealous of your ability to mix the past with
the contemporary into one, in your writings.  He was also playing with
that in his art.  Past and present, time, chaos...aye!!!... our mayavi
existence in this dream!  Are we entropying as Burroughs seem to be
saying?  All I know is that I can't seem to keep my mind on one thing
for a long period of time with all this noisy, yet somehow wonderful,
electronic gadgets around and all this easy availability of info.  Is
the present more chaotic than the past?

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