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Personality Plus

Nov 19, 1996 01:12 PM
by joseph k price

I won't say who, but the general concensus is that I am acting giddy and out of
character, but I have always been pretty strange.  Others post strange, cryptic,
"in-joke" humor all the time.  I am sure I could psycholanalyze and play doctor,
and I probably will.

Anyway.  I will try to let others get a word in edgewise so to speak.  But sense
we are talking about senesibility, what is the personality of a really spiritual
person, what do we expect? We have talked about it before, why not again

Some thoughts;

1;  Jesus is portrayed in the orthodox gospels as crabby, pissed off at
everybody.  I mean what can you say about a guy who tells the Virgin Mary:  "get
out of my face girl, you aren't my mother.  I am about my FATHER's business, get
back to cooking and cleaning"  (I am using my memory to paraphrase, of course).
He was pissed off a the pharasies, the saints, and the crowd in general that
were alway pressing in on Him for a Healing and to get fed bread and fishes.
The guy was a sarcastic commentator that rarely called it straight, but talked
in thinly disguised or thickly sometimes PARABLES.  The gnostic gospels have a
completely differnent picture of a man who loved life, danced with men and
women, and didn't ake it all so seriolsy-- Which picture do you think is OUR

2.  Buddha changed with a massive enatiaodroma as Jung might say. A big u-turn
from rich prince and playball to ascetic, to Madyamika lassez fair, let them eat
cake and shake lotuses (LOTI?) and laugh.
He was rarely pissed-off from what I can tell!

3.  Mohamed, which I haven't studied his BIO if he has one, seem pretty spacey,
I mean, flying a horse, a talking Horse like Mr. Ed, to heaven and talking about
Holy Wars.  I don't know if I would like to live next door to Him, but he could
work at the Stop-and-Go, and I would never know!

4.  Krishnamurti, hey he was a lovable grip like the rest of them after all is
said and done.

4. Gahdi didn't like to clean the toilet or did he?

5.  Mother Teresa I am heard has a lot of peevishness about getting more done
quicker, but she has a good husband after all!

6.  John ALgeo - I have been owing him an apology, I know.  I've said more good
than bad about the man.  I like the picture in AT too.  He has a pleasant voice
over the phone.  He like the WIZARD OF OZ, so he must be OK.  AND to some it up,
he isn't vaugely Capricorn, but I was just going to point out that Capricorn is
the most exalted on signs and begins the cyle of esoteric initiation from some
of the Ancient Systems of spiritual astrology.
(I be I STILL can't go to Krotona)

Keith Price.

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