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Negating conception

Nov 15, 1996 01:17 PM
by kymsmith

I just read an article discussing the possiblities in "mind over matter" to
include women developing the ability to control their reproductive cycles
through mind-induced changes in their hormones - making themselves receptive
or non-receptive to fertilization.  The author does admit that this can only
work for very few at this time, but that eventually the time will come when
it works for many - and will bring fundamental changes in the "abortion" debate.

The article made some other interesting points - some which seem be
diametrically opposed to HPB's assessment of abortion. . .and some of the
postings here in theos-l.

I know I am doing a disservice by subjectively pulling out certain sections
of the article, but they seemed (to me) to address some of the discussions
previously posted.

According to "Negating Conception: The Esoteric Nature of Hormonal Choice,"
by L.Rae Lake:

"All crises in the material world - individual crises and those related to
humanity as a whole - are governed by the Principle of Conflict, whilst
crises in the spiritual world are controlled by the esoteric Principle of
Decision (The Rays and the Initiations, p.608.).  The interplay between
these two principles is responsible for those uniquely human qualities -
indecision and controversy.

Mankind bargains with Nature constantly: we change the weather, live under
water, experiment in space, save premature babies, and keep people 'alive'
on respirators.  If choice were not a natural part of human nature - on all
levels - we never would have left the 'the Father's house' in the first
place. Responding to monadic opportunity for reproductive decision is simply
another example of humanity stretching to explore 'the hemline of God.'

Hopefully, more people will soon realise that the spiritual circumstances of
preganacy are more significant than that the form side. "Life is one and
naught can ever take or touch that life. [Our] sense of proportion as to
form [must] become. . .forward looking towards the soul, and not
backward-looking towards the form nature.  Some very sincere devotees and
promising applicants are so preoccupied with form. . .that they have no real
time to give to soul expansion (The Rays and the Initiations, p. 127)

Esoterically, abortion is neither a political nor a religious issue, but
instead is an intensely personal, human issue, subject to interpretation by
agencies of each of the three departments of human living: Government
(politics/law/economics), Religion, and Education (including science,
philosophy, psychology, culture and the arts).  If hormonal self-control, in
some variation, ever becomes an accepted factor in human life (whether
innate reaction or learned technique), choice may be seen as an inherent
right to decide, rather than the foundering legislative privilege we see today.

One the level of the psyche, the most inexcusable form of abuse is to bring
in souls by accident.

[Through] widespread promiscuity of the sexes. . .millions of souls have
been brought into incarnation who were never intended *at this time* to
incarnate and achieve exoteric manifestation.  This fact is largely
responsible for much of the present economic distress and the modern
planetary dilemma. . .Lack of sexual control has brought into the world
thousands of unwanted children whose appearance is solely the result of
accidental and uncontrolled sexual relations, and in no way indicated the
planned intention of parents - planned [meaning] - intending to offer
experience to incarnating souls, with the conscious intent of offering the
opportunity to hasten the 'birth into light' of those particular souls, thus
rendering service to the divine plan (Education in the New Age, pp. 135-6).

>From the perspective of the very relative rights of the soul versus the
rights of the form, a pregnant woman is far more sacred than a foetus - not
because she's pregnant, but because she's worked so long and hard in this
incarnation to be a functioning human being.  If her future is threatened by
inability to rid herself of an untimely pregnancy, our future is threatened."



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