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Sex vs Karma

Nov 23, 1996 01:48 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>If you read "The Secret Doctrine" you will find that it was just
>such fun which brought an end to Lemuria (read Sodom & Gomorha).  Sex
>is a difficult issue but one which is resolvable as the New Era dawns.

	I have read the SD several times, and have found no such a thing.
Lemuria sank because its time was up--everything is born, lives
for a time, and dies.  As for Sodom & Gomoraha, we have to remember
who wrote the story.  Good and evil are relative, and there is no such
thing as immorality that causes lands to sink (or do you believe in an
anthropomorphic god wearing a white robe, etc?).  However, there IS karma,
but this has nothing to do with morality per se except as we make it.
	Sex may be difficult for you, but I don't find it so.  Its
biological like eating, but also psychological like love.  Like
everything else, it can generate karma, depending on how it is viewed
by the user at the time.
	If you believe that having sex can make a continent sink,
then I have a bridge for sale...

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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