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Re: Quest Bookstore

Nov 28, 1996 09:46 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Michael wrote:
> I was recommended in this group to order books of K.Paul Johnson, and Peter
> Washington from Quest Bookstore. I preferred a Theosophical enterprise and
> choose them.

	I don't know if you will find Peter Washington's book at a Quest
Bookshop, as it contains a number of false to the pont of libelous (if
the principles were still living) statements (unlike Mr. Johnson's book,
where the statements of fact are, to the best of Mr. Johnson's
knowledge, true). You must realize that if you wrote to the Quest
Bookshop in Seattle, they have a very professional looking web page not
because they are Internet savvy, but because one of the owners of their
Internet Service Provider is a member of the Theosophical lodge in
Seattle. Give them time. I would recommend the Quest Bookshop in New
York, but their minimum for international mail orders is either $50 or
$100 (my wife isn't handy at the moment, and I forget which one).

	If you wrote to Wheaton, I can't explain the problem, although they are
looking into putting in a mail server right now. If you wrote to New
York, I did not receive either of the pieces of email. John Sellon is
apparently interested in putting genuine order by Internet into the NYTS
Internet site, but there are a LOT of details (not to mention
programming) to work out. In the meantime, it is a bad idea to send a
credit card number by EMAIL. I will be setting up a PGP key for the NYTS
in the next couple of months, but until then, email is inherently

	Bart Lidofsky
	Systems Administrator
	New York Theosophical Society (

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