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Re: Value of ideas vs personalities

Nov 05, 1996 11:54 AM
by Art House

Lewis Lucas wrote:

>In a letter from one of the Masters, they plead that we pay more
>attention to the ideas they are presenting and less to their poor

Isn't that a little like the Wizard of Oz saying, "Pay no attention to
the man behind the curtain!", especially if it were HPB or one of her
funky bunch really working the knobs?

All this business about "Know Thyself" rather than "ask others" seems
conspicuously convenient to aid a coverup, no? If there were suspicious
behavior going on, I'd much rather investigate it with a whole slew of
reporters, journalists, TV cameras and lawyers. Get it on the front page
news and have everyone talking about it out in the open, rather then sit
back, swallow the party line and be mum while I contemplate my navel.
(Call me immature.) We're not talking about ULTIMATE TRUTH here, we're
talking about allegedly very real, very human deceptive shenanigans.

By the way, let's not be fooled into thinking that they weren't, to some
extent, into it for the money. There were a lot of eager beaver
Victorians who turned large parts of their wealth over to a Society that
seemed happy to take it. They did charge for all those books, didn't
they? They still do. Its economic reality. I bet they loved it when
their books showed a profit. (More money for magic cabinetry!)

As for holding them accountable for their actions, it's obvious that we
can't try the dusty dead. I guess it's just something each of us has to
do in our own minds and hearts. It has been interesting to talk about
it, though. The legacy of their actions for good and/or ill will
continue to color the surviving Society.


PS. To KPJ: Sorry you haven't sold more books. Where can I get ten?

To Chuck re: Money Teleport. How's this:
**For answers to all your UNIVERSAL ESOTERIC QUESTIONS send $.50 to
Chuck the Heretic** (We're all so lost, you'll be rich in a week!) ;)

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