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Know thyself

Nov 04, 1996 08:47 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Max wrote:

>Yes, everything except "you must ask questions." An ancient maxim
>says, "Know thyself," rather than "ask others."


That's funny!:) You make a good point. Many of us would like to just
have someone tell us THE TRUTH, or at least what to do with our
lives, and there are many who will accomodate us. HPB made a comment
about creating a parental god to whom we are forever petitioning with
no response, and that is was no wonder humanity felt so lost and
forsaken. Accepting responsibility for ones life is a sign of great
spiritual maturity in my mind. I admire those who steadfastly do
that, but for many of us still in our spiritual teens a good rebel
will do!

Lewis Lucas
Chestatee Regional Library System
Gainesville, Georgia (USA)
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