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Value of ideas vs personalities

Nov 04, 1996 08:12 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Mark wrote:

>How do you reconcile the value that you find in the contents of the
>literature with the admitted facts of the early deceptions, hoaxes and
>personal power struggles of the founders that were purported to
>authenticate and validate them and their source in the "Brotherhood
>of Masters"?


In a letter from one of the Masters, they plead that we pay more attention
to the ideas they are presenting and less to their poor selves. The world
view found in the writings of the founders of the modern theosophical
movement must, and I think do, stand on their on merit. It is a
philosophy of life that opens the door to a lifetime...some would say
lifetimes...of discovery which enlightens and enobles those who
invest themselves in this grand adventure "TO KNOW, TO DARE, TO WILL,
and to remain silent," which is said to be a motto of its students.

Lewis Lucas
Chestatee Regional Library System
Gainesville, Georgia (USA)
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