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Re: THEOS-L digest 733

Nov 23, 1996 08:46 AM
by joseph k price

Message text written by
>en-handed with me, a member?"  There wasn't anything subtle
about the scathing nature of his TMR reviews.  As to whether
or not it is appropriate for a section president to attack
people's books, who knows?  I felt it was inappropriate for
someone who had been involved in TPH's decision not to publish
mine (as Algeo was) to then review it scathingly when someone
else published it.  But there are no rule books about these
things.  If there were, and I could contribute to it, I'd
suggest this: neither the section head nor the international
president are needed or wanted as ideological spokesman/woman for
the TS, and yet they both seem to have definite ideologies, not
shared with most members, that they are subtly and
not-so-subtly striving to promote.  If they choose to review
relevant books, no problem.  But when they use their authority
and status as role models in order to promote contempt and
hostility toward authors (as in my case) or to encourage
members to completely ignore books (as in Tillett's) then
something is seriously wrong.  Ideological correctness trumps
any even-handed consideration of alternative views.  "No religion
higher than truth" has lost most or not all meaning in the Theosophical
world, and the Krishamurti-ites don't seem to be any more successful at
exemplifying it.


I don't know if this is appropriate or helps much.  In fact it if pretty cold
comfort, but appropos of not being pblished, allowed to go to Krotona, and a
multtude of sins I would suggest these balms:

1.  Golden Rule - he who has the gold makes the rules
2.  Key to Theosophy/Krotona -  he who has the key can lock the door
3.  Quest for publication -  he who controls the press, or media control
ideologies that are shared, BUT we still have the internet for a little precious
while before they sew that up too the little devils and God know they are
working to control, commercialize it, sanitize, censor it, purify it, but it is
Aquarian and will rebel, electrify and enlighten with wave of ENERGy

Keith Price

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