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Re: THEOS-L digest 713

Nov 01, 1996 01:15 PM
by kymsmith

>Richard Ihle writes-->

>I would think that one could be "pro-choice" and be a ~theosophist~ but not
>necessarily a ~"T"heosophist~ if one goes along with the gradual "evolution"
>of the capitalized word to mean someone who subscribes to the doctrines
>articulated by H.P.B. or at least doctrines which are consistent with them.
> (I don't subscribe to this, though.)
>I am hoping that a "short-version" definition of small-t ~theosophy~ will
>someday take hold:  "God-assisted speculation."

So, a person who is a Theosophist (capital T) is one who accepts the
writings of HPB as the foundation, or fundamental doctrine of theosophy?

And a theosophist (little t) is someone who looks more to the "spiritual"
and "subjective" side of the philosophy?

>Best Gold Bond wishes and

Yes! to raging women do they owe their success! :-) :-)
. . .perhaps I should demand my cut. . .


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