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Re: Basic Questions

Nov 04, 1996 09:23 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> writes
>       Now, let's get back to Leadbeater. Let's say that he DID have some
>clairvoyant abilities.  But who was around to teach him the color "red"?
>We are not born able to see; seeing is a learned skill, starting with
>bright and dark, then learning to distinguish shadows, then shapes, then
>colors, then more and more details. But, if Leadbeater was clairvoyant,
>the only references that he had to interpret his clairvoyant senses were
>his own knowledge and beliefs. And how could he differentiate between
>his extra senses and his imagination? Therefore, at best, his
>revelations have to be interpreted in terms of his prejudices.

IMO, this is the best comment on CWL and his clairvoyance that I have
seen on this list.  Sadly, we more often see a kind of "black or white"
attitude to theosophical history issues, as well as TS literature
issues.  A lot of time has passed since the TS founders got together in
1875, and it is refreshing to read a balanced and considered post.

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